Course about the use of articulator

How to use the articulator at 360°

Course duration Half day
Minimum 4 participants Maximum 6 participants

Course content

  • Why use the Reference SL articulator; advantages compared to the occluders and the semi-adjustable articulators
  • To know the articulator and to learn how to set it with individual values.
  • Assembly on articulator and use of the split-cast.
  • To learn the use of waxes not only as elements used to position the models to each other.
  • How to use the articulator not only as a work instrument, but for diagnosis and planning too.
  • Some notes on articulation.

To work on an instrument that gives us the chance to execute safely routine works, without falling into mistakes that will pour on the laboratory economy. These mistakes are not due to the negligence of the dental technician, but caused by the lack of the necessary data for the execution of a work that will move from our bench to the patient’s mouth with the same characteristics. To use the articulator means solving the continuous changes and aesthetic and functional reassembliesin a fixed and removable prosthesis.
Dental technicians interested in creating a dialogue between the laboratory and the dental practice with the ambition of reliable aesthetic and functional results.